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Frequently Asked

Why should you choose Quant Accounts?

You need an accounting professional that can not only get your books in order and help you understand your data, but that understands how business works and can draw on years of experience to notice potential issues in a project before they become bottlenecks to your bottom line. With more than 30 years of combined  business experience in operations, accounting, database management, customer service, PR and special projects management, you’re in great hands with Quant Accounts!

Where do you provide services?

Quant Accounts has experts in the US, Canada and the UK, so you can rest assured that we understand the impact of a global economy on your business, and will work hard to help you take advantage of every option to help you grow!

What is the minimum size job you will take on?

Here at Quant we understand that keeping your books straight and your accounts in order may be a priority, but keeping your customers coming through the door is always the first. We’re here to keep track of the money so you can keep track of the work.

To get started, we’ll sit down with you to find out just how much work you need done, and how often. For a small business, we can often keep your books in order in just a few hours monthly, and with larger, more complex businesses, we have the manpower and time to take care of even the most complex financial structures. 

We work with both tiny one person start ups and large, multi-national media corporations, so give us a call!

Do you accept long term projects or retainers?

We do, to both options! If you have a project that you need to have managed, supported or quality checked, we can set you up with that, or you can take advantage of our best rates by purchasing a set number of hours, days or weeks each month that you’d like to reserve for any work you need done.

What if I just want data analysis help?

Data analysis is our sweet spot, and we’re happy to take your accumulated data and sweep it for trends, strengths within your product line(s), find hiddent costs and bottlenecks, or just make sure it’s clean and will stand up to whatever research you need.

Just reach out to schedule a free consultation and we’ll be glad to help you decide where our help will do the most for you!

WE handle the books, so you can focus on the things that matter most to keep your business growing.

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We're here for you whether you need just a bit of help, monthly reports generated or a full time, long term bookkeeper or data analyst. We work across all time zones and platforms, so go ahead - what are you waiting for?

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